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The school newsletter is published and distributed to all families fortnightly on Wednesdays. Copies are also sent to local feeder High Schools, the Head of Services and separated parents who request copies. The general format is designed to inform parents of current issues and events in the school, with emphasis on our Catholic traditions and Church celebrations. Sections of the yearly calendar are also included to communicate upcoming events.

Staff, parents and students wishing to contribute articles to the newsletter (subject to the Principal’s approval) should email the school office. Advertising is kept to a minimum and generally involves groups who are connected to the school and/or Parish.

  • 2018 Newsletter 14 February (Term 1, Week 3)

    Principal's Message, Staff Development Days, Sympathy, Open Morning, School Goals, Communication Framework, Meetings, School Fees, Pow Wow, Spare clothing, Kiss and Drop, Coles Sports for Schools, Swimming, Write4Fun, School leaders, St Monica's News




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