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Support Programs

Pastoral Care and Student Enhancement

St Monica’s believes in forming a collaborative community where the freedom to explore is encouraged. Respect for one another is fostered through the celebration of gifts and differences in the Mercy tradition of compassion, justice and love. The Peer Support Program, the Buddies Program and the explicit teaching of co-operative and reflective skills empower our students to self-manage and to solve conflicts.

At St Monica’s School we co-operatively aim to:

  • respect and care for each other
  • respect each other’s personal space
  • wear our uniform with pride
  • care for our school environment
  • care for our property and the property of others

The following strategies contribute to student enhancement at St Monica’s:

  • Buddies Program
  • Co-operative Learning Skills
  • Student Council
  • Year Six Leadership Program
  • MJ (Monica’s Justice) Team
  • Playground Monitors
  • Library Monitors
  • Merit Awards

Peer Support Program

This is a program of community building with strong links to the personal development of students.

At the commencement of the school year children from Early Stage One to Stage Three are placed in groups of 20 called ‘Tutor Groups’. A teacher supervises these groups and the children have the opportunity to reflect on their learning and experience co-operative activities. In Term 2, the Tutor Groups are halved and each group is led by the senior students through a series of sessions exploring our community and social skills.

The Peer Support Program aims to develop the understanding, attitudes and skills needed to live safe and healthy lives, to realise potential and to contribute positively to society.


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